Frequently Asked Questions

Why choose for glazier training?

For the past several years, the glass and glazing industry has pointed to the skilled labor shortage as one of its greatest challenges, increasing the need for accessible, high-quality education and training. NGA addresses this need by offering a new, robust online glazier training curriculum for full-service glass companies and contract glaziers that:

    • Teaches learners fundamental job skills and knowledge that will complement—and shorten—their on-the-job training

    • Is easy to use and understand

    • Offers on-demand access to online training from your computer or mobile device

    • Combines NGA’s instructional design experience with GANA’s deep technical expertise to create and deliver the high-quality education and training our industry needs.

What type of courses are available? currently offers more than 50 courses for contract glaziers, full-service glass companies, and glass and metal fabricators that are designed to complement—and shorten—your company’s hands-on training. NGA is adding new courses regularly, with the goal of having a complete Level I training program available for contract glaziers and full-service glass companies in fourth quarter 2018. Browse the course catalog.

How much do courses cost?

All NGA members receive up to a 20 percent discount on courses, lowering the price to $24.95 or $34.95 per course, depending on the subject matter. Contact Josh Lowe to receive the NGA member discount code.

For non-members, courses are either $24.95 or $44.95, depending on the subject matter. Learn more about becoming an NGA member.

Is there a bulk discount?

Yes. NGA members get a bulk discount if they enroll five or more employees in This discount lowers the purchase price of all courses to a flat $24.95. Non-member companies must enroll 20 employees or more in to get the bulk discount of $24.95 per course. Contact Jenni Chase for more information on bulk pricing.

How do I get started?

Go to, click “log in” and then “sign up” to create an account. You can then purchase any courses via the website. Watch how-to video.

Can I buy courses for my employees?

Yes. Go to, click “log in” and then “sign up” to create an account. You can then purchase multiple seats in a course for your employees. Watch how-to video.

How can I track employee progress?

All users have an individual course record—or transcript—that shows their courses, their progress and their grades. You can ask employees to print out that transcript for you or email it as a PDF file. Watch video.

NGA can also provide employers with administrative accounts within that allow them to check employee progress and course scores. In addition, employers can opt to receive regular reports from showing employee progress. To set up an administrative account, email

Who should I contact with additional questions?

Email Jenni Chase, content director, at